CME Approval Application

Naturopathic Doctor Continuing Medical Education – Provider Application

Pursuant to NMAC 1978, Naturopathic Doctor CME approval requests must consist of educational activities that serve to maintain, develop, or increase the knowledge, skills and professional performance and relationships of Naturopathic Doctors in services for patients, the public and the profession.  CME must offer education and skills recognized and accepted by the profession in areas pertaining to research, basic medical sciences, clinical practice, or public health care.  

This CME Provider approval application must be filled out in its entirety and submitted to the NMANP within at least 12 weeks prior to the event offering and prior to advertising or promoting the event.  Please review the application carefully. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.  

Please Note:

  • A CME Provider must maintain attendance records for all approved approved courses for a minimum of 6 years
  • Any changes to an already approved program, including but not limited to, presenter, content, and length of program or sponsorship must be submitted for approval by the NMANP within 2 weeks of the changes. Any submission received after this time may be retroactively denied approval.
  • The NMANP reserves the right to decline approval for programs that are not submitted with adequate documentation.
  • Approval for CME courses is valid for 3 years, if there are no substantive changes to the program. It is the responsibility to the CME Provider to submit new applications and renewal fees (100$/credit hour) to the NMANP on a triennial basis (from the date of original approval) for for re-approval.
  • A CME Course that has been submitted to the NMANP with inaccurate or misleading information may retroactively lose CME approval for the program/course, even if it has already occurred.
  • At its discretion, the NMANP may appoint a member or other designee to audit (by attendance) any program in order to verify appropriateness for approval of CME hours.
  • If a course/program has been denied approval, the provider may request a review by the NMANP with additional substantial documentation.

Credit Hours  

1 credit hour will be assigned for each hour spent in lecture (or the nearest .25 credit). It is the responsibility of the applicant (or CME Provider) to indicate specialty credits such as general, pharmacology, pain management, or ethics.  To be approved for pharmacy credit, at least 40% of a session’s content must be  pharmacological in nature. Approved pharmacy topics include:  

  • Pharmaceuticals and their application in patient care 
  • Pharmacology 
  • Research of pharmaceuticals and formulary substances in naturopathic care
  • Drug interactions and contraindications 

The New Mexico Medical Board relies on the New Mexico Association of Naturopathic Physicians (NMANP) to review and approve CME for New Mexico Licensed Naturopathic Doctors. Fees are not collected by the New Mexico Medical Board for this application. The New Mexico Association of Naturopathic Physicians (NMANP) is an accredited provider of Naturopathic Continuing Medical Education, and the NMANP may approve courses presented by qualified, unbiased professionals who fill all the requirements and guidelines put forth in this document and the application forms.   

Please attach additional documents with the following information (upload area provided below)

  • One document explaining the course objectives, purpose, course outline, methods for tracking attendance, and course flyer
  • One document for any additional presenters that will not fit on this application (with explanation of any fiduciary or conflict of interests)

Fees (to NMANP):

The fee for NMANP credit approval is $75.00 non-refundable filing fee, for in-person or online/webinar based courses, for up to 5 credit hours, plus $25.00 per credit hour for every additional credit hour. Full payment of the fee is due upon application approval.  Once a course is approved, the NMANP will send an invoice for the fees that are due to the CME Provider.