Licensure FAQs

What format should I use for my professional recommendations?

  • Please use the attached professional recommendation form, located in the application packet.

Do you need my transcripts from my undergraduate degree?

  • No, only transcripts from the accredited naturopathic medical college you attended is necessary.

I have a history of a criminal record, what should I do?

  • Please write a letter describing any criminal history that may be revealed in the background check.  Describe how it was resolved.  The Board wants to see that the applicant is honest and offering full disclosure.  Hiding an event is more harmful to your process than disclosing an event that was resolved.

I am/have been self-employed, what should I do about the work-experience verification form?

  • The Work Experience Verification form should be accompanied by a CV that gives specific details about what you have been doing in your practice.  If you work alongside others, they may fill out a verification form for you.  If you have been working solo, no verification form is needed from anyone else. In place of the Work Experience Verification form, you may need to submit a letter from your current attorney or CPA, stating that you have been in business prior to becoming a licensed ND in New Mexico.