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NMANP Hosts Heart Week™ and The Run™ – from Albuquerque to Santa Fe

All you / we need is love… Join the NMANP as we host multiple events and Runceptions, in celebration of Naturopathic Medicine in the State of New Mexico. Please visit The Run Donation Center and/or The Run’s website… to plug in now. Here’s the updated “Runtinerary”:




Run for Naturopathic Medicine in New Mexico!


The NMANP is hosting a 50 mile run from Albuquerque to the beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico in order to raiser awareness for the licensing of naturopathic medicine in all 50 states! Come out and participate or cheer on the team in support of naturopathic medicine.

The Run will take place from February 10th-February 12th, followed by a “Runception” at Upper Crust Pizza in Santa Fe from 5:30-8pm.